The Product


"Find joy, find life, make impressions, and be impressed. Live a bold, bright, and beautiful life and always look for life's little treasures."


My pieces are wheel thrown or hand built and decorated with fun, fresh, whimsical designs. My desire is that my artwork inspires others to look for the beauty and little treasures in everyday life. My hope is that my brightly colored tableware and fun, spirited accessories will make an impression on your life and become a part of it.


Each piece is made to be used and is

dishwasher, microwave, and food safe.

The Artist


I have always been interested in art and was introduced to ceramics in high school. I continued studying ceramics in college, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Penn State. After graduating, I moved to Rolla, Missouri where I taught elementary art for four years. It was not until I started teaching that I started to develop my own artistic style. I found much of my inspiration from my students. In 2014 my husband and I moved back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to be closer to family as we welcomed our first son Weston into our lives. IN 2016 our second son, Max joined us.  It has been so much fun to introduce my sons to my love for ceramics and I look forward to watching them grow creatively along with me.

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